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Hotel Nadet Suites Tulum

Located in the heart of all the cultural, artistic, tourist and economical activity. Nadet Suites Hotel, is wrapped around the bohemian, creative and beautiful streets

It is ideal for travelers who are looking to immerse in the bowels of a unique culture.

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we have twelve exclusive suites, each one combine good taste with an relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, to achieve it, we have paid special attention to the selection of mattresses and bedding, which together with art and decor conform a magnific piece, what promises a unique and novel experience hotel.


Standard Suite

The minimalist and bohemian atmosphere that prevails throughout the hotel decor will define this ideal for one or two people per suite.


Junior Suite

Large and spacious suite for small families or groups of friends. Ideal for three people


Master Suite

Spacious suite with two queen-size beds in separate rooms to maintain privacy of its occupants. Conceived for the comfort of 4 occupants.



Its privileged location invites you to take a walk and explore this unique city, where you can discover hidden treasures; such as: bars coffee shops, national and international culinary offerings and local handcrafts.


The best mexican style bars await you near the hotel, where you can taste all kind of spirits and.


Most of them have a rustic, quiet and relaxed atmosphere, with great interior design mixed with the natural environment.


Tulum enjoys one of the best culinary culture which is found in each restaurant. Examples are: Cenzontle, Ark and Mezzanine Thai Restaurant

Renta de autos

Tulum offers many options for car rental, or you can chose to rent a bicycle, with which you can enjoy an awesome ride and make use of a bicycle path which allows you to reach the beach.

Zonas arqueológicas

Tulum is one of the best archaeological sites in the country and the only one that was built on the seashore.

Terminal de autobuses

You'll find the bus terminal "ADO" a few blocks. Ideal for not doing more travel time for your visit.

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